October 2nd, 2008

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Writer's Block: Work Clothes

Remember the bodysuit? Fashion designer Donna Karan, who changed the way career women dressed in the 1980s, turns 60 today. Office dress codes have relaxed since then, but every workplace has its own rules. What passes for appropriate where you work? Is there anything you can't wear to work?

The only job where I had to watch what I wore was ARC and we all know much I loved that.

Meanwhile at the three other major jobs I've had, I've been blessed with environments that are really rather lax about dress codes. True -- no jeans, no shorts, no T-shits, no rips, no flip-flops (except at Tech, barefoot was OK) -- but meanwhile, things I have worn to work (and not on Halloween):

fishnets over solid tights
wild fashion tights
goth outfits (lace, satin, velvet, heaps of jewelry)
plunging necklines
mini skirts
sports sandals
spiked hair
capri pants
60s polyester mini dresses
go go boots

I don't care about not being able to wear "casual" clothes to work, because I don't like casual. I want to be able to dress funky or goth or whatever. And I usually do. And thankfully I only have to wear a suit 1-2 a year for work, for a big presentation or something.
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Animator vs. Animation

An animator faces his own animation in deadly combat. The battlefield? The Flash interface itself. Seriously the funniest video I've seen re software. I'd like to see a feature-length movie about this stick figure making his way through the entire OS...

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Came home and noticed right off that Harry's food bowl was full. Unbelievable! Went in the bedroom, took my shoes off, petted Luckie, called his name. He didn't come. Oh, no, is he sick? Is he dead?

No, I accidentally locked him in the clothes closet all day.


It's funny, because as I was pulling out some clothes this morning he kept being pokey and I told myself, "Be sure you don't lock him in" (because I did that to Luckie once) and yet, at the last moment, I must've forgotten.

Fortunately, Harry popped out of there squinty-eyed but seemingly unaffected. And I can't find any trace of kitty #1 or #2 in the closet, which surprises me.

I think the boy is getting some special treats to eat now.