October 15th, 2008

Yip Yips

Writer's Block: A.A. Milne

Some people find Eeyore’s gloomy outlook charming. Others prefer the bouncy enthusiasm of Tigger. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with: Eeyore or Tigger?

Eeyeore is actually the only Pooh character I really like. He is certainly the least annoying. Trapped in an elevator with Tigger? Sounds like some situations I've been in, trapped in an office or a too-small dorm room. Only headphones and tightly clenched teeth can get you through it.
climate change

Writer's Block: United Nations World Teachers Day

In recognition of United Nations World Teachers Day, let us reflect on the subjects we hated most in school but must now grudgingly admit were useful. What subject will today’s students find most useful when they’re older?

Horticulture, animal husbandry, basic engineering, sewing... You know, all those things so people can manage to live once the oil and electricity gives out, the world is wrecked by climate change, and we all have to live off the land, for real.

Rawr! Rawr! I's hungreeeee!

I love how Harry tells me his food bowl is empty. By repeatedly wrapping himself around my head and neck and purring so loud that my skull rattles. Subtle, he is not.

Speaking of which, he is currently fighting with my nightgown and bathrobe as he attempts to climb into my lap, all the while looking at me oh-so-earnestly with his huge sad kitty eyes. He can't have eaten his din din already!? Or, yeah, probably he has.