October 19th, 2008

Thin, Exercise, Serious


This has been a nice visit.

Yesterday I went into Sturbridge with Mom and we checked out a church rummage sale, a library book sale ($2/bag, needless say, I indulged), and a big country fair type deal. Then all of us went down to Woodstock, CT, for an incredible arts show / fair. Finished the day with a nap and an outing to Piccadilly Pub. Yum.

Today was more low key but still nice. We went over to a Christmas shop in Spencer. Such shops normally aren't my thing, but this one was (just as Mom claimed) really nice. They had tons and tons of old-fashioned ornaments, especially my favorite, the shiny tin ones. I got new ornaments, first time in years. Afterward we did some driving around. It's soooo pretty around here -- fall in New England, you know. I had a nice nap afterward and when I woke up, my sister Betty and family were here, arrived for dinner. Mom made an awesome roast beef dinner.

Tomorrow Mom and I are probably going for a walk at a local state park or dam, plus going to the awesome antique shop here in Sturbridge. Last time I was there I was drooling at all the goodies, esp. the 1920s jewelry, but I was completely broke. I hope to find something special tomorrow.

My flight out is around dinnertime tomorrow and I get in at 9 something. I'm sure to be tired but I'm definitely way more relaxed than when I left, plus I made up all the sleep I lost last week.