October 20th, 2008

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Back Home

Made it back tonight. My flight was quick, had a cool seat-mate, and my checked luggage sped back to luggage pick-up. Called in take-away on the train trip up, picked up on the walk from station to here.

Unpacked everything and laid out an impressive array of Collected Goodies on the kitchen table, to show the boys later.

Luckie and Harry are happy to see me. Such sweeties. Meanwhile my neighbor Deb seems to have done a great job feeding and cuddling everybody.

Went over Caleb's to check on the four cats. They had thrashed the place a bit -- pulled down a curtain, rolled (but didn't break) some vases, food bowls all over, and litter box mess -- but at least half of them were friendly and happy to see me. I fixed them up with food and water, cuddled and played for 20 minutes and went home again.

So it's back to work tomorrow but that's fine. I'm all rested, relaxed, and made up my sleep, I think.