October 23rd, 2008

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Writer's Block: Fright Show

'Tis the season for scary movies. Some rank The Evil Dead as the best horror film of all time. What is your favorite scary movie?

I generally don't go for horror movies, but thanks mostly to Daniel, I've been introduced to a few, some of which are really good.

One I saw fairly recently is The Descent. I didn't want to see it b/c it's by the makers of Saw (which is too disturbing for me) but it was fantastic -- lots of tension, some unique content and also, an all-female cast, making it a kind of horror chick flick.

Another horror movie I like (and have on DVD) is Suspiria by Dario Argento, although to be honest, it doesn't really *scare* me -- it's more the visual style and the music that I love.

There are also some overall crappy horror movies that have their really stirring moments, like Motel Hell's "screaming heads" scene or various moments in the original Chainsaw Massacre.


Sweeney Todd (Tim Burton)
The Grudge
Das Experiment
The Omen
Cat People (1940s)
Curse of the Cat People
The Crow
sideview, obamame_sideview

Updates from an actual human

Haven't been in a very post-y mood lately -- been working too hard all this week. Not in a bad way, since nobody is riding me but myself, but my mind's been pretty focused on tasks at hand and not so much wandering astray into LJ.

That said, there is a whole lot going on -- non-work stuff!


Last week I read HP and Order of the Phoenix -- in German like the prededing ones. Definitely my favorite of the books so far. A lot of things that were just driving me nuts were explained neatly away in that whole Dumbledore-spills-it scene, which was a relief. And there was overall a lot of meat in it, character development, etc. So, awesome. Meanwhile I face a dilemma re the final two books. I wanted to order them on Amazon.de and maybe have them delivered to Martina, picking up when I visit. But horrors, I discovered the last book isn't available in softcover, children's version, yet. I want a matching set! So should I order just Half-Blood Prince and then hope that Deathly Hallows becomes available in the appropriate version soon?

This week's German book is totalllly different -- Schoene Neue Welt, i.e. Brave New World. I'm sure I haven't read it since high school or college. As before, love it, although there is something VERY weird about reading it in German. Most notably, the translation I am reading (a *1932* translation) has moved the story to Germany. So the action takes place in Berlin and the characters have German names mostly. The main character/hero/victim guy is Sigmund Marx. (Yes, Marx!) There is mention of linden trees and skyscrapers on Unter den Linden. And on top of that, as usual, German makes thing creepier.

Bugs & Roaches

The fruit flies *finally* seem to be under control. I left 4-5 traps out while I was out of town and now there are only a few left. Maybe the cold is getting to them? Re roaches, the roach traps caught a lot, but I know there are still quite a few hiding out. Which is why I got 2 dozen more traps. I want to be pro-active!


My cats continue to be buds. Harry continues to sit on my face several times a night, but he's getting better and less frequent about it. Luckie still hasn't slept with me since I brought Harry home. I hope the colder temps will lure it -- it always has before! Re Harry's growing, he appears to have a full set of teeth (all 4 huge fangs) and size-wise, is just about up to Luckie. Considering he's only 5 mo., again, expecting him to be a big boy.

New, But Old, Clothes

Over the weekend Caleb and Daniel were up to Vermont, and while there they went through his recently passed Grandma Racicot's old clothes. As they'd promised, they dug some of it out for me. Last night they invited me over and I got to try on a fine selection of hand-made 1950s dresses. These are not fancy dresses, but these sort of boxes pillow-case easy-pattern dresses with round neckhole, simple darts and short sleeves... but they are REALLY nice! And better, they all fit me pretty much perfectly. I think there are 5-6 of them. There's also a pants outfit with mock turtleneck and overshirt, although the pants don't fit. That outfit was one of her favorites, so I will at least wear the top part. There's more coming, in a package they shipped down, and hopefuly Caleb will be able to get more when he visits at Christmas. Even if he doesn't, I feel like I hit such a jackpot. And I'm happy to carry on the clothes, esp. when they're hand-made (and very well). Pictures coming later!