October 27th, 2008


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Luckie in distress

Summary: Luckie ate a leaf off a bouquet of lilies I bought. Lots of varieties of lilies are poisonous to cats. This one made her drool and froth at the mouth for an hour, before she finally puked it up. Afterward she was fine.

Something is up wth Luckie and I'm worried :(

I was getting ready for bed around 12:30 or so when I heard her yelp in the other room. I ran over to see if there was some obvious problem but didn't see anything. Then a few minutes later I noticed her walking around making these weird faces, like opening and closing her mouth. I thought she had something caught in her mouth or throat. It took me around a half an hour, plus watching her do it more and more, to get hold or her and look. Couldn't find anything in her mouth like a string or cut or plastic.

So I started to read, still observing her, and noticed some little thing fall out of her mouth. I didn't have my glasses on so I went to look at it was a gob of frothy saliva. Then I saw her drop another one across the room. She went into the office then so I corner her, closing the door behind me. Indeed she was totally frothing at the mouth. Whipped her into the bathroom then, doors closed again, to look more and wipe off her mouth. Still can't see anything outwardly wrong.

Now she's stalking around the house probably generating more spit and meanwhile growling at curious Harry, basically saying "Leave me ALONE!" I am going to go scope around the main room to see if I can find anything out she might have eaten or bit into or something.


UPDATE : Oh no. I think I know what she could have eaten. I just got a couple bunches of lilies from Publix. Luckie is crazy about eating greens and I bet she went on the table and tried some. Or there was a leaf or flower on the floor. This is, um, BAD, since upon referral, I see that lilies can be deadly to cats! Ingestion can cause kidney failure. Given the time and the fact that the only 24/7 vet I know of is in Gwinnett County, I have no clue what I can really do. What I will do is probably get up way early, like at 6, and check on her, then take her in to my vet ASAP.

UPDATE 2: Well, good news! Just heard some puking noises and found Luckie has upchucked what appears to be a chewed up lily leaf. With a lot of foamy spit around it. Since the bulk of it will not be going to her kidneys, hopefully she will be OK. However, going to put the flowers somewhere far away (take them to work!) and still going to get up and see how she is in the morning. And THANK GOD Harry didn't eat any. He doesn't like greens, however.

UPDATE 3, 1:40: No further frothing.

UPDATE 4, 1:55: Luckie doesn't seem in any distress now, is alert, not frothing or choking or growling. I have found out there's actually an emergency (nights and holidays *only*) vet in downtown Decatur, which is good to know.

UPDATE 5, 3:32: Woke up and took opportunity to check on Luckie. Found her playing in the living room, quite alert and happy, purring even. OK, that's good...

UPDATE 6, 4:58: Luckie still good. Harry, who likes to sleep on top of Pell (the bird)'s cage, just gave her night terrors. Had to get up and uncover her. He now continues to make a ruckus bothering the bird. Because he can't have me SLEEPING, can he?

UPDATE 7, 7:58: Luckie definitely fine, energetic, playful, hungry. So... phew!

Cat Peculiarities Round-up: Harry

After the lily incident, wanted to dwell on some less serious stuff, like weird stuff each of the cats do. God, which they both do... Different stuff, too!


Likes to sleep on top of the bird cage, which is covered at night. I can't figure out why, since he's got a couch, an armchair, a cat bed, my bed, carpet and other spots to sleep. Daniel says he just hopes Pell tries to slip out one night and then "WHOOMP!"

Will eat anything (except lilies, apparently). Really likes popcorn and French fries, which yes, he is no longer getting access to.

Has a thing for skirts, robes, sheets, capes and anything drape-y. Can't tell you how many times he's come up to me and attacked my skirt or gone after a coat draped over a chair. Likes fabric as much as he likes string, and he looooves string.

Loves string so much that he does acrobatics to try and grab my dental floss out of my mouth.

His favorite place to be is anywhere on my body within 6 inch. of my mouth. He'll lie on my side, chest, or back... and of course right on my face, and purr so loud and hard it turns into this high-pitched fan sound. Often this is a sign of both contentment and a "Feed me!" signal.

He is not a big meower by any means. He bleats like a goat when you pick him up and he doesn't want you to, or when something happens he doesnt' like, but he doesn't meow.

When he does meow, he has a whole routine, like last night, when I closed a door on him. He strutted back and forth making a series of high-pitched whirring sounds punctuated by plaintive yowls. It was too cute.

He's the only cat (or dog) I know who attacks shadows, including his own shadow. He goes crazy, jumping on the door, walls, the floor, cabinets, any time he sees any significant shadow. He even attacks a shadow in favor of the actual object, i.e. going after the shadow of Luckie's tail, not her actual tail. Needless to say, I play shadow puppets with him.

He sees his reflection in the shiny black front of my dishwasher and tries to attack himself -- by pawing the front and doing a vertifcal dog-paddle. He'd done this for up to a minute at a time before realizing futility. And then does it again an hour later.

Doesn't have any inclination to hide -- unlike Luckie who's always hidden under furniture, slept under my blankets, crammed behind things, gone in the closet, used a cat hut, etc. He prefers just hanging out in the open. If I try and put him somewhere enclosed, he flees immediately.

TBC, if I think of any more...

Overloaded with Amazing Clothes

Got even even bigger load of clothes Grandma Racicot today. OMG, they are BEYOND incredible! I really will have to get Caleb to shoot pics of the whole collection this weekend, runway style. Fashion INSANITY! Also: Parade o'Polyester. Also: Oh-No-You-DIDN'T prints, like, for example, giant earth-colored trippy mushrooms. Also: Suits that allow me to impersonate Marsha Brady AND the mom from Beautiful Thing.

Relentness pursuit

Harry is currently on Round 7 of jumping on the desk and being set on the floor again.

Make that 8.

Meanwhile, I should never have let him find --

Attempt at 9...

where I stashed --

the bag of pompoms that are his favorite toy.

OK, succeeded at 10.


Wait\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11!

First he found them on the dresser, then inside a cabinet, now he knows they're in the drawer. He just tried to pry it open. Unbelievable--

Hey, where'd he go? Probably plotting a sneak attack...

Wily critter...

Aaaah! Scared me.

OK, he's on the floor, looking at me with huge, sad eyes. Wait, now he's wedged himself between my knees and is peeking out from under the desk. Batting at the drawer. Jeez, what would he DO with all of them anyway? He has like 10 around the apt. as it is!

OK, dealing with jump 13. Logging out.