October 31st, 2008


I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

Realized last night that I've been feeling overly passionate and enthusiastic lately. I just want to do SO many things!!!!! And there just isn't the time or energy for it. But I want to!

I want to...

...resew my quilt, start a new quilt

...learn to knit with the kit I got

...build Harry a cat play house out of cardboard

...read about 40 books in my book pile

...learn to make Art Deco patterns from the book I got

...do a photo shoot with all my new Grandma Racicot clothes

...watch the pile of DVDs I borrowed from Daniel

...redo the ADNA web site

...redo the ZAMI web site

...make an Art Deco style web site (theme for WordPress maybe)

...go somewhere and pick apples

...write some short stories

...work on one of my two languishing novels

...launch a fic new challenge on Forever

...write a VC fanfic about Lestat & Louis doing absentee voting


Will tell my therapist next week. I'm sure this is a sign that my drugs are working. Overwhelming energy and cheer.