November 2nd, 2008

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Cat This and That

Harry is out playing in the hall. I just leave the door open and he rushes up and down the hall, uses the carpet as his scratching post, sniffs stuff and looks at himself in the shiny brass elevator doors. It's like having a yard, kind of... just like he is a dog, kind of.

Meanwhile, Luckie never goes into the hall except with extreme wariness. And if she hears any noise or hint of a person or dog or bad vibe, she is back into the apartment in a flash.

Harry is going to be 6 mo. old next week. He must weight around 9 lb. now. He's just about Luckie's size, except clearly he is still a kitten. He's going to be one gi-normous fluffmonster!

Harry's tail is 3 in. wide when he fans it out. Insanely huge tail. Tail with legs!

Luckie seems to like grooming Harry's fluffmonster of a tail. Good because as a boy, he is less into grooming than female cats seem to be.

The two cats have lots of fun together. Recently I've caught them napping on the armchair together, eating off the same plate, and of course they continue on with their impromptu wrestling matches. My fav bit is when they basically hug each other and walk around like fighting bears or something, at least until one of them tosses the other down. Pretty much equal as far as who wins though.

Luckie still hasn't slept with me since Harry moved in. Harry doesn't really sleep with me either with any regularity, except when I take naps. He sleeps on the bird cage and the couch mostly, while Luckie has her hut and the armoir.

Both of them likely spend half the night wrestling each other though, since when I get up I usually find the living room rug has been shifted 2-3 ft. by their battles.

Luckie still talks to me all the time. Harry doesn't get that. He doesn't do the whole call-and-response thing. But he does make super cute kind of barking sounds when I pick him up or he's not having his way. The only time he meows is pretty much when he wants in or out of a room. It's not a standard meow either, more like this yowling thing. Very Maine Coon of him.