November 6th, 2008


I'm in love with an economist

OK, so I arrived home, switched on the radio and fell in instant love with this economist (!) talking with Terry Gross on "Fresh Air."

I know, weird, but this guy, Robert Kuttner, has written this book, Obama's Challenge, that talks about solving the country's economic crisis using similar means to what happened under FDR during the Depression and ramp-up to WWII. Brilliant analysis that mirrors my own sentiments on how investment in public infrastructure, education, training, etc., i.e. helping The People, ulitmately sets the country right better than tossing cash at banks. The sentiment that you can't spend any money when you have a deficit ignores the fact that it depends what you're spending that money *on*. The US didn't go into a boom economy post WWII because war is good for the economy, but because gov't investment in infrastructure, industry, education and jobs is good for the economy.

Anyway,  could go on and outline all the theories, but right now, linky-linky:

'Obama's Challenge': A Transformative Opportunity
Article + listen

Sounds like such a good book. As I yelled to the radio several times, "Please, some Obama influencer person, HIRE this man! Or at least send Obama the book!"

Again, in love!