November 7th, 2008

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10 Random Facts About Me

Because I seriously am weary of serving the team...

1) Born in Methuen, Massachusetts.

2) Held back a year in school, which in effect put me ahead of most everyone else.

3) First trip in an airplane was from Montreal to Calgary.

4) New England beaches where I enjoyed swimming had a temp of 55-60 degrees F.

5) Buttermilk tastes so good to me I become almost drunk on it.

6) Foreign languages I have studied: Latin, German, Russian, French.

7) Most random college course I took: Food Preservation.

8) GPA in college: 3.8.

9) All 4 places I've lived start with A: Andover, Amherst, Athens, Atlanta.

10) Enjoy walking around my neighborhood very late at night, whistling the "Harry Lime" song.
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