November 9th, 2008



Spent 3/4 of the day at OutlantaCon, a new little con basically run by Outworlders. It was at a KoC hall on Buford Highway. I had fun, esp. when I was a "celebrity panelist" on Match Game, but I ate too much candy. Altogether I was there eight hours and with admission only $10, that was a total deal! Met a few new people, too, which was nice. I think as an opening event it went well. There's a 3-day OutlantaCon planned for May '09.

P.S. Thanks to everybody involved in the work of organizing this con, you know who you are!
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Had a really nice day and better, managed to stay awake throughout!

At my monthly psych. appt. last Monday, I talked about how I've been sleeping away at least one weekend day for a the past few months now. I brought it up because much as I like sleeping, it kind of bothers me that I do it so much, especially as that whole sleeping-the-day-away thing was a hallmark of the worst of my depression. The resident who's working with me, plus her supervisor the regular doctor, talked things over and the recommend was that I go to bed earlier each night and remember to get some caffeine in the morning (just like a work). One week later and the advice seems to have worked. Except for Tuesday night and last night, I went to bed at least an hour earlier than "usual" every night, and today even though I slept late, I fixed myself a huge mug of coffee and managed to stay awake.

So, awake, what did I manage to do? Admittedly, not much, but being awake was pretty cool :)

But seriously, um, I went over Caleb's and watched a Rick Steves' video on Austria and the Alps, cuddled with his cats, then went home and made an absolutely delicious egg noodle dish. Then I settled in to watch Sin City, which I got via Netflix. That blew me away, truly. I want to ask Daniel if he's seen that, because if not, he should watch it before I return it. That was pure awesome.

I think I will now go work on fixing my quilt for a while before bed. I made this great quilt a couple of years ago, but a few months back I wrecked it by stupidly putting in the washing machine. Now half the squares on one side are mangled and I have to sew them all back on straight. (Thankfully they're 4"x4" squares!) If I'd sewed them less crappily in the first place... But alas I didn't. Going to get them fixed and remember to not even dream of washing the thing. And then I'll start a new one.

Little Feet


Because I can't go more than a few hours without telling somebody, boy, Harry is an awesome cat.

He's 6 mo. old today and already the size of an average adult cat. When I look at Lulu and Phoebe, Daniel's and Caleb's kittens, they look like half his size. Going to be a monster!

Only a really SWEET monster. He really is unbearably sweet, a teddy bear come to life. He does all the wonderful things like sleep on me when I watch movies, groom my hair, play with my shoelaces, earrings, belt, chase cranberries across the floor. He's completely guileless and hasn't an ounce of meanness or temper in him. I've only heard him hiss three times, and only at the boys' cats, not Luckie. He doesn't get scared of things or snarl or fight. But he's not one of those spaced out cats; he's just really easy-going and happy inside.

Luckie is still my girl and gets her special moments all the time and meanwhile has warmed up some, to me and to others, but she'll never be a cuddle bunny, which is fine. I love her Greta Garbo-ness. She's also incredibly smart, graceful and athletic in comparison to the rather more hapless Harry. Though what's nice is that she clearly adores Harry, hasn't any problem with him, loves watching, loves wrestling. She gets a little cranky if he wont *stop* playing with her, but then she just lopes off and crawls in the armoire.