November 12th, 2008


Sick Cat

Came home to find a sick Luckie :(

She didn't appear when I got home so I looked for her, couldn't find her. Then I found some drool-y puke. Ut oh! Decided to hunt in her super-freaked-out-and-hiding spots, found her behind the toilet. She was overly docile, i.e. she let me pick her up, didn't tense up at all and her face was still wet from the drool. Fortunatley, she wasn't frothing at the mouth and was breathing fine, no coughing, no puking.

Anyway, she's been lying on my bed most of the night, since I put her there, and doesn't seem to have gotten any worse. The only sign she's sick is that she seems kind of sleepy and way more docile than usual. For another cat, this'd be normal, but I -know- Luckie and she's not like this. I keep getting up to check her and she just kind of looks like she smoked a lot of weed, LOL.

I -think- she must've eaten something again, but no idea what. The drool-y puke was orange-ish. No more lilies in the house, nothing new lying around that I can think of. Whatever it was, Harry doesn't seem affected. Maybe she broke into the box of catnip I have and like OD'd or something?

Handsome Harry

Yesterday I suddenly realized I had no "real" (non phone-cam) pics of Harry for all October, so I did a photo shoot tonight. I'm posting most of them in another post -- all pics of Harry & Luckie together -- but this portrait show came out so nice I wanted to put it separate.