November 13th, 2008



Poor girl still sick today. She was moving around and fierce enough to hiss at Harry, but there is clearly something Not Right. She's not drinking, eating, or using the litter box. She's also uncharacteristically limp and placid. I also noticed this morning that she's seeming extra skinny and she is already a skinny cat. I can feel all her vertebrae very easily. *Sigh* Called the vet on my way from allergy shot to work, explained about the lily leaf and current symptoms, they're having me come in first thing tomorrow a.m., also advised me to go to emergency tonight if she takes a turn for the worse. I wish I could be home right now.
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Hangin' On

Web site launch still set for tomorrow.

Luckie still alive, with vet appt. for tomorrow morning.

So I guess things are mostly OK.

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I'm sorry to be all cat-cat-cat. But just for updatery sake, Luckie hasn't gotten any worse. She's pretty much set on just sitting sort of scrunched up staring rather blankly. She was in the bathroom when I got home but later she went to the bed. A few minutes ago she walked into the living room and was with it enough to want to be brushed, but now she's vegging out again. Re food and water, I managed to tempt her into eating a bit of tuna fish but she won't touch water. She just seems to want to sit and sit and not do anything.
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