November 14th, 2008


Feeling queasy

Caleb did big favor, drove me and Luckie to the vet. She 'll be there all day, getting tests, exam, hopefully hydration. Now on bus to work. I'm so stressed and queasy.
Thin, Exercise, Serious

Brief news

Vet called, said he is stumped -- all Luckie's lab work checks out and she isn't exhibiting any symptoms like a fever, vomiting. She was dehydrated and one of her molars is a little iffy, but other than that, nada. He asked me to let her stay overnight. He hopes to get her to eat something and in any case that way if they missed something and she takes a turn, she's at the vet already. The overnight is free so I said OK. No Luckie in the house tonight. Will be WEIRD.

Meanwhile my huge web project, which I began in June and pretty much have been working on 90% of the time last 2 months, is done: or We did a "soft launch," so no promo and there are still things wrong with it, but it's out there! Whoo hoo! My coworker Sarah just gave me a little bottle of champagne.