November 15th, 2008


Luckie is lucky!

Thanks to everybody who's sent me notes or replies with good wishes for Luckie. I was so desperately worried over her. Last night, while she stayed at the vet for "observation," I found myself missing her so much. I kept looking for her in her favorite spots, even imagining I saw her run by, thinking she was just about to come and see me. Then I'd remember and miss her more.

Anyway, went to pick her up this morning. As I walked in, the woman who I think is the vet's top asst. says "Oh, here you are, I was just about to call you!" Turns out that it was a very good thing I agreed to let her stay overnight, since by this morning she had developed a high fever. They took blood and ran the basic tests again, and this time her white blood cell count had doubled. Ut oh!

My vet, Dr. Fowler, had a talk with me and said this means she likely has an infection, which her body is fighting off, as the blood cell count shows. He can't find any wound, however, and x-rays don't show any mass of fluid or anything else amiss. So what they did was give her a couple of different shots of antibiotic-laden fluids under the skin, which will work 24 hours, and then after that I have an oral liquid med I have to give her twice daily. Dr. Fowler hopes this will do the trick and I'll know she's doing better when she starts eating again.

Took Luckie home with me on MARTA. She was naturally unhappy, but also shivering, since she has a fever and the wind was coming through the car carrier. However, when I got her out of the carrier back at home, she did seem a whole lot better. The main thing I see is that her eyes are alert again, not glazed and sleepy. She's also turning her head to look at things and responding to sounds, which she wasn't Thursday; she was just staring into space really. She sat on the bed pillow next to me while I took a nap. Around 1 she got up, stretched, and went to her favorite sleeping spot, the clothes armoire, where she's been curled up in a ball resting ever since.

She still hasn't eaten, drank water or used the litter box, but I am hopeful that will happen by morning, once the drugs start beating whatever it is she has. Harry is meanwhile being kept confined to the main room, because I don't think Luckie needs or wants the excitement. Also I have brought her food, water and litter box into the bedroom (on the floor rather than on the kitchen counter), and I know if I let him in, he'll eat all her food and use the box. I want to be able to tell that if any food is missing, it's Luckie who ate it and that anything in the box is hers.

Now two rather startling figures/facts:

1) Cost of Luckie's treatment: More than cost of my new dishwasher, purchased back in September. Surely she is worth more than an appliance from Sears, but still, once again I feel like an idiot for not having pet insurance.

2) Looking over said bill, I notice they include the weigh-in figure. Luckie is only 8.3 pounds! I know she is a small and skinny cat, but jeez, that's crazy. I am sure she's lost a pound or two in recent months, mostly due to being more active and having some of her food eaten by Harry. At least I -hope- that's why she's lost weight.

It's weird, but even though she's doing a bit better, she still seems so fragile and, oddly, -old- to me. You know how older cats get this kind of haunted look, esp. when they get skinny? She has that. And when I pet her, I can feel every one of her vertebrae. She's only 3!

And now that I'm starting to calm down from the drama, time to go out shopping and enjoying the city. Caleb and Daniel are in D.C. this weekend, so I'd best take advantage.