November 16th, 2008


Happy happy Sunday afternoon

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“I am having an actual pleasnt, fun, relaxing Sunday afternoon <i>by myself</i> and I want to note that I am NOT sleeping and I'm not watching Animal Planet. I'm actually out doing something -- not much, but something.

I decided I wanted to go out for breakfast and I meant to go to Alon's, but as I was waiting at the bus stop, I saw the bus turn ahead of me and realized the route must've changed. So I took another bus and I went to this other pastry shop that I LOVE but the boys and I just never go -- Chocolate Pink -- and I had an incredibly exquisite coffee and treats experience.

And then since it's so beautiful out, I decided to talk down to Ponce and visit Lucky Exchange. I was not exchanging Luckie, I was looking at their clothes and I found a couple of very nice things, which I got. And then I decided to walk home.

Very nice day! Very very nice to do what I want and get something done and not sleep all day.”

Transcribed by: wiebke

The Voice of Evil

Inspired and curious, after watching Downfall (Der Untergang), including the directory's commentary, just listened to actual audio of Heinrich Himmler's famous "Posen speech," a.k.a. Final Solution Pep Talk, circa 1943. It's available here at the Holocaust History Project as a QuickTime with rolling transcript in German and English side by side. Now that my blood has turned to ice water, I'm going to go hug a kitten or something.

Oh, and Downfall -- 5 stars.
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Today's Photo Shoot: Edgewood and Oakland

After doing a photo shoot this afternoon, I finally got it in my head to actually USE Picasa (which I installed months ago, just as a database) and am experimenting with web albums, rather than just sticking the pics on LJ. The result -- two albums of pics, one of an ugly section of Edgewood Avenue and the other of historic Oakland Cemetery (one of the most photogenic places in the city).

From Edgewood Avenue - Nov. 2008

From Oakland Cemetery - November 2008

So expect to see a lot more pics from me. (Yes, I've always posted lots of pics, but usually that was work all done rather manually.)