November 17th, 2008


Luckie update

Now that Luckie has had water, eaten some food and used the litter box a couple of times, I am breathing a sigh of relief. She is definitely getting back to more of her regular self. She's meowing and headbutting me and telling Harry to f' off. He he. She is still obviously tired and weak from whatever infection her body is fighting, but definitely considerably improved.

Writer's Block: Political Misdeeds

Today is the anniversary of Tricky Dick Nixon's famous "I am not a crook" statement. Let's take a moment to ponder the many politicians caught being naughty. What's your favorite political scandal?

I'm a fan of local scandals more than D.C.-level scandals. Why? Because usually the crimes are much more obvious and often they are just plain weirder.

For one example, an official in a local county was in charge of the jail. He also ran a private security company. Because he was the boss, he went and used off-duty deputies and cops and stuff for his private company. Only they weren't really off-duty -- they'd be on the clock and get paid twice, even though they were only working one place, and -not- for the county. He got so busted.

Then there was this other county official, whose story I posted to this blog a while back, who retired, but not before installing a crony as the new department director. Also not before arranging to have herself hired on as a consultant during the transition and for special project work. So, OK, she "retires," but then is working full-time, kind of doing her old job. At least for a while. Then she started on this "special project" with hourly billable rates, that was basically to do as "history of the department. A history of the department. Which was a full-time job, or so the records show. And? She was earning like $80K/yr. for this mess.

Ooh! And in NYC recently, the scandal is that for the past few years, employees of the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) would, as a matter of course, take early retirement, then go to a workplace comp. group and get classified as being a retiree with permanent disability caused from their work. The comp. office had some doctors and pat diagnoses and would just push everything through. With retirement pension plus disability, these guys and gals wound up earning nearly as much -retired- as they made when they were working. One little problem is that the NYT, based on a tip, did an audit of the records and found that like 80% of employees who've retired are "disabled." Sounds like they have an unsafe environment. Which is funny since the LIRR has won multiple workplace safety awards!

Anyway, the stupid, it burns.