November 18th, 2008


Lucky Luckie

Well, well, well!

Aside from developing somewhat of a better attitude (she's still letting me pick her up), Luckie seems pretty much back to her old self. Doing all the bodily functions, and jumping up to the counter for her food, now that I've put it back in its old place. Presently she's bitch-slapping Harry, who's trying to hop over to my desk. She's like a bouncer!

Oh, and she hasn't given me any trouble as far as lapping up that banana-flavored antibiotic goes. Yay!
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OK, so my office temp is about 5 degrees above the outside temp. Which is about 50. Dang, it's cold in here. People keep walking in here to use the printer and are like "Holy crap!" Wearing two shirts (one velvet) and longjohns under my (velveteen) pants. Guess I'm getting ready for the cold of Germany next week!

Writer's Block: Bedside Manners

Hospital dramas are a time-honored staple of television, from General Hospital to County General to Seattle Grace. Which TV hospital would you most want to check in to? And who would be your doctor?

St. Elegius (St. Elsewhere), with Norman Lloyd as my doctor.

I -lived- for that show as a kid and yes, my parents did let me watch even though it was on at 10 on Wednesdays. And would never cut it as "kid-friendly." I wish that show was in re-runs somewhere. A DVD set would be too much b/c it was on for too long, but I've love to watch it on cable over and over, like I do M*A*S*H.
Happy Face

Good Things

Things are going well for the moment. Trying not to stress about leaving Friday (Germany!) until tomorrow, when I'll start packing and prep for real. Even at work, where things are crazy post web site launch, I'm trying to keeping a cool head, mostly succeeding.

But on to the good things!

1 - Luckie seems all better and still being cooperative about her medicine.

2 - Harry has figured out what the cat bed is for. And is sleeping there instead of jumping repeatedly on my desk.

3 - Wore the beautiful winter hat and gloves I got at the Woodstock, CT, fair last most and they were warm, got compliments.

4 - Been listening to Beethovens 9th Symphony a lot. Also Bach's Toccata and Fugue in G Minor.

5 - Half-way through reading Walden, which is an interesting read. (My only complaint is that Thoreau should've used more paragraph breaks.)

6 - Last two Netflix movies -- Sin City and Untergang (Downfall) -- were fantastic. (Next up: Architecture of Doom, documentary on Albert Speer and Nazi/fascist design aesthetics.)

7 - New web site at work is up, receiving many, many compliments and thanks and expressions of amazement.

8 - Gained a big surge of confidence, skill lately at work. Feel like somehow this project brought me to a new level.

9 - For fun, ran some job searches for content mgt. sys. positions, find that apparently my skill set is much in demand, with high pay. Good to know!

10 - Just transferred money from my ING savings into my ING checking so I'll have some spending money in Germany.

Oh, and did I mention GOING TO GERMANY FRIDAY?