November 23rd, 2008


In Munich

Standing here at one of Martina´s laptops (she has a couple), warm and toasty after tea, Christmas lebkuchen cookies and watching Dragon Hunters (wonderful!) In a while we´ll have dinner.

Caleb and I arrived last night after a not-at-all-bad trip via Air France. We all went grocery shopping and Martina whipped up a rather amazing dinner. Then, rather than go to bed, we (of all things) watched Apocalyptico, which was super, also super disturbing.

We went to bed afterward with the intention of getting up and going out in the morning while the shops are open, but we slept past noon. The good news was that when we did get up, Martina had prepared a giant German breakfast.

Caleb and I spent much of the afternoon at the Stadtmuseum München (Munich City Museum), which in addition to its regular history exhibits, had a giant special exhibition of the history of German puppetry and fairs. This included a special room dedicated to German freak shows and the like, which as you might guess, was extra special freaky, being German. Then there was a special section of the museum devoted to, basically, Nazi Munich, with an amazing assortment of relics, photos, posters, clothing, models of unbuilt Fascist super projects, race testing kits, etc. As usual, it all made be want to throw up by the end of it. Also, as usual, there wasn´t anyone else in there but us and the museum guard, despite the rest of the museum being quite full of people.

After all the museuming, we wandered around, looking at the shop windows, which are transitioning over to Christmas. Found a nice Italian coffee shop / bar, where we had espressos and treats. Peeked into this freakishly Rococo church, where there was a Mass going on, in Polish yet. The weather has warmed up since last night so it was nice walking around.

Tomorrow we plan on going into the city for some shopping, eating, etc., then we´re catching a train to Murnau, where we´ll be joined by dadi. Going to visit with her parents further south in Bavaria for a day, I think, then going on via train to Salzburg, where Caleb has reserved a nice hotel for a night. Then it´s back to Munich.

Looking forward to it all, very much!