November 26th, 2008


Bavaria Travelogue....

Copied from an email to my mom and family... should make sense!

- - - - -

Caleb and I are back in Munich again, after a couple of days further south.

First we went down to Murnau and met up with our friend Dagmar, who normally lives in Italy but was visiting her parents in Ohlstadt, a small city nearby. We had an amazing Bavarian dinner at her parents and stayed overnight. In the morning Dagmar, Caleb and I took the train to Garmisch-Partenkirschen, one of the classic Bavarian towns. So of course we shopped and ate cookies and drank a lot of coffee there. I found some nice gifts!

Then it was on to Salzburg. Caleb and I were lucky to discover a great deal; through Bavarian regional rail, you can get a day pass good for up to 5 people for just 29 euros (maybe $40). So we road the train north (Dagmar got off half-way, back to her parents) and then to Munich, then transferred to a train down to Salzburg. Neither of us had ever really gone to Austria. But it´s all nearly the same as Germany and the German is clear enough, so we had a nice time. It´s a very old city and very traditional, so you can see traditional clothes for sale all over, many many Christmas shops, schnapps shops, etc. There were also the Christmas markets. Today we climbed halfway up the big mountain that hangs over the city. At the top is a 1000 year old fortress. There´s a lift but it was expensive so we just climbed until we were high enough to see over the city. Finally, after much walking and eating, we went back to the train and back to Munich, again for quite cheap.

So now we´re back at Martina´s. Caleb and I went grocery shopping and cooked a nice dinner of salmon with cream sauce and brussel sprouts with mustard sauce. I also made a dessert, quark with sweet-sour cherry mix and a bit of yogurt.

When I get back home I´ll send you and everybody a link to my photo album. But you can use Google Maps to look up the places I visited.

Here´s Dagmar´s take on our visit, with a couple of pics-