November 27th, 2008

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Hair Cuts, Dye Jobs and Thanksgiving in Germany

Today has been, appropriately, a day of rest and feasting.

We slept late, til 10:30, had breakfast and then in early afternoon, walked over to Martina´s fav hair salon, which is right at the Ostbahnhof (Munich Station East). We had a bit of a wait, since a couple of the stylists were out, but once things got started, we had some great results. Caleb just got a regular trim. Martina had her roots touched up so her hair is now an even purple-red color. I decided to go for way different and got a haircut (short, picked from a book) with a custom dye job -- black with copper patches in the front. It looks fantastic and was only (as M had promised), €40, including tip. Wow!

Afterward we stopped by a couple of places to pick up food for Thankgiving. We already had the turkey, thanks to Michelle, who came and dropped it off last night, but we had to get beans, zams, wine, etc. Here at home it´s my job to do the turkey. Never made one before, so I had to look up directions, which I found easily. I also had to do some conversions for proper temp and size (8.4 lb.), but it sizzling away with about 2 hours to go. Meanwhile we ate a bunch of Chinese goodies Martina picked up at a local Asian grocery, plus put our clothes through Martina´s machine so we can have some fresh clothes our last 2-3 days here.
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Dinner was verrrrry good. But really I really just want to say that the turkey I cooked came out perfect. Never made turkey before and don´t cook meat at all generally, but I managed it. Thank you,! My carving skills are not the best, but I managed to hack up enough for all four of us. No pink or red and no dry, good crispy skin, moist stuffing even. Yay!