November 29th, 2008


Bliss continues apace...

The day after Thanksgiving was fun.

Caleb and I slept a little late, then went out for a couple rounds of shopping. We weren´t exactly doing the Black Friday thing, but we collected a bunch of books, fashion tights, kitchen accessories and sundries during the afternoon. We also wandered around this huge Art Nouveau / Classical university building, went into some antiquarian bookstores and ate Thanksgiving leftovers.

Back at Martina´s at the end of this, we went with Martina and Michelle to the Müllersche Volksbad, a gorgeous, amazing Art Nouveau (OK, technically, Neo-Baroque Jugendstil) public bath house that happens to be just around the corner from Haidhausen. For €5, you get a security box, your own changing room, showers, access to two splendiferous swimming pools (complete with lions jetting water out their mouths and palatial decorated ceilings and walls) and even a cafe/bar. And all the time, everything, down to the last detail, perfect 1900 detail design and architecture. We swam and indulged ourselves for a couple of hours.

(More links to the bath, pictures:
German Wikipedia article
3D panorama view of baths
Photo of the larger bath hall
Panorama of the exterior )

At the apartment again, we spaced out for a while, then had more Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey sandwiches of course.

Tired but happy

Another day in Munich, walking, eating, shopping, then doing it all over again.

After a nice, big breakfast, Caleb and I set out across the city. 5-6 hrs. and 5+ miles later, we were tired but happy. We basically walked from Martina´s over the river, into the Viktualienmarkt (massive outdoor food market), up through the main shopping area and up to the university area (again), and then down to Marienplatz where we finally got the subway. Along the way, we went into various shops, ate, people-watched, and enjoyed all the usual pleasures this fine city has to offer.

Right now we´re at Martina´s having a night of movie watching and later, eating a late supper. Just finished Hui Bui (sp?) and now will see something about dragons.