December 1st, 2008



Back at last.

Long, long flight. For some reason, Air France crosses to Newfoundland, then goes to western Ontario or something, then down to Chicago and then south. Added 2 hours. And screaming babies? 5 of them in rows just across from us. Oh, joy!

Cats and all are fine. Harry, as expected, was bewildered by my reappearance but quickly was purring, begging for food and being a doofus. Luckie was hunkered down, hissing and very pissed off, under my bed, but once I pried her out and she saw it was me, she started to thaw out and now sitting by me. She IS very suspicious of fact that all my luggage is covered in some *foreign* cat hair! Pell's cage had obviously been smacked around (Harry) but she's fine. Piggies screamed for food but their cage isn't too bad really.

I'm a bit annoyed over some stuff that's come up in my absence but I won't get into that now. Just wanted to say I'm back!

P.S. Pictures soon, yes.