December 3rd, 2008

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Glam @ Work

It started with a wish to wear something fun and went from there...

Wet 'n Wild Silver Lipstick
Faux Platinum Earrings
Black Beaded Choker w/Bellydance Bangles
Silver & Blue Eyeshadow
Algae-Colored Tights w/Orange Fishnets (Over)
Silver (Thread) Blouse
Two Black Skirts (Layered)

And like half a dozen people were like "Ooh, sparkly, NICE! Did you get that all in Germany?" LOL. Actually, except for the tights (old actually), no. And the blouse was Caleb's grandmother.

Meanwhile, work has been INSANE. Got in at 8 today (blame jetlag) and wound up having to work 'til 7. Just so much URGENT work. To which I respond, with jollity:



Man, the cats!

Luckie has somehow gone gray while I was gone. Or something. All I know is, her face and chest, plus her coat generally, look lighter now. Like gone up a few shades. I wonder if it's a new winter coat or if she's just gettin' old. Though she's not old, so whatever.

On a related note, Luckie also just looks so friggin' skinny and svelte to me. Maybe it's b/c I was around Martina's boy cats Lucifer & Mephisto last week, but WHOAH, Luckie is petite. The vet did say 8.5 lbs and I guess she's what that looks like. Good news is, can no longer feel her spine, now that she's recovered from whatever infection she had.

She's been in a great mood since I got back Monday night. OK, she was having a total freak-out when I arrived but she warmed up quickly. Is desperate for hair-brushing and even more docile around Harry and in general. Mellowing out, just a tad.

Now as for Harry... He's kind of being what Martina calls "ein kleiner Stinker" ("a little stinker") lately. He smashed open one of his food containers again today, scratched me when I was brushing him (first scratch ever), and needs to learn some better grooming habits. He always feels dusty and dirty to me. He hates to be brushed though, esp. on his tummy or tail.

Harry continues to act like a dog in terms of his appetite. I get the feeling he'll eat most anything, if I let him. Tonight I was eating some of those tea biscuits you find in the Kosher section and he came up to sniff. I let him and then he -chomped- on one. And then bit off half of it and ate it. Weird cat! Had to keep him from eating some french fries I was eating yesterday. He loves them.

He's like a dog really and rapidly approaching dog size. He's definitely Luckie's size, at the least. He is going to be freakin' huge, I just know it. That's fine... I'm just thinking of the destructive power he'll wield. LOL. I bet Luckie will still be able to win their wrestling matches though. She is well able to manage toss-downs with him, one-pawed :)