December 5th, 2008

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Two heads!

So I woke up / was woken up around 1 a.m. by this:


Later, around 7:30, I was lying on my stomach and woke up to find Harry lying on the back of my head, paws stretched over my face. I really need a web cam...

Epic Transit FAIL

Despite the fact that Emory's not anywhere near a MARTA train station, I generally find it very easy to get back and forth to work. There are numerous alternatives, including two MARTA bus routes (which I can take to 4 train stations), a free shuttle to/from Decatur station, and two shuttles going to/from Grady and Crawford Long hospitals. How I go home depends on when I leave and where I want to go afterward. Usually I just use the online shuttle locator and nab the next shuttle to Decatur, but I also take the 6 bus a lot. or the 36 if I'm going to Midtown. It really isn't a big deal and no matter what option I choose, it's a 20 min. wait at the most.

Well, anyway, last night was my personal nightmare: Missing one bus after another, to the point I thought I was just going to have to sleep on the streets of Emory Village or something.

Here, for documentary purposes, is all the bad luck I had just on one night.

1. Around 7:15, decided I'd take the shuttle to Decatur.
2. Around 7:30, went to catch shuttle, which GPS said was on its way.
3. 10 minutes later, 6 bus southbound goes by. I'm not at the right stop to catch it.
4. Decatur shuttle is AWOL. I keep checking GPS on my phone. It's supposed to show up.
5. Just after 8, shuttle locator suddenly announces there are no Decatur shuttles running. It stops at 8?
6. Meanwhile two northbound 6 buses go by across the street.
7. Looking at MARTA's bus schedules on my phone, looks like the 36 to Midtown might come soon.
8. I walk over to N. Decatur road -- and the Grady shuttle goes by!
9. At the 36 stop, I freeze my butt off... but after 15 min. decide I must've missed the bus. Plus, MARTA's web schedules suddenly won't load on my phone.
10. I see teh 6 northbound go by me at the intersection. Not at the right stop to catch.
11. Feeling degraded, walk down to Emory Village to catch either 36 or 6.
12. Wait for 20 min. for something, getting really cold and hungry.
13. See the 36 to Avondale go by!
14. Finally the 6 shows up and I get on.
15. Just as I arrive at Inman Park station, the train home goes by.
16. 10 minutes later another train comes. The church bell rings 9 p.m.
17. I arrive home at my place at 9:15.

Yeah, over an hour and and a half of bad transit drama. I mean, how much bad luck can I have????? Tonight I'm leaving at 5 and going grocery shopping. Things BETTER work out!

As soon as I fixed myself a pathetic dinner, I went to bed.
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The Inventory

Meaning to do this since I returned -- yes, the "traditional" inventory of my "take" from the trip. This trip in particular was a haul for me, since I hadn't been in Germany for a couple of years and was starved for certain specialty items.


15 pairs of tights (um, yeah!)

German fairy tale audio CD (for Mom)
Children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann (author of Der Struwwelpeter)(for Mom)

3-pack Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix
marzipan loaf
pot of schmaltz (pig fat spread... for Mom)
bulk licorice
tiny bottle absinthe
large bottle honey mead
Speculatius cookies (for family at XMas)
Pfeffernuesse cookies (for co-workers)


Hair dye (("schwartzrot" = dark red))

Couple gifts for Caleb, Daniel


I had such fun getting all those tights... for such DEALS! I'm pretty sure the total cost was only around $50. Insane.