December 13th, 2008

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So Far, So Good, Except for the Bad Trip

It's been a not-unpleasant weekend so far. Well, OK, it started out horribly but it's been up from there.

The bad? Wretched experience Friday night as I made an apparently doomed attempt to make it to a social Emory GALA (campus GLBT group) was having over at this place on Amsterdam Ave., off of Piedmont. I could've gone to some of the many events GALA has has on campus, but no, I decide to go to this one off campus and in so doing, make a martyr of myself. Let me just say that the event was set for 6:30 to 8:30, so I left work at 6:15 hoping to make it by 7:15, which is an hour, but I was going by bus, with a bus transfer and I accepted that. But after the first bus was uber-late, I made it to Cheshire Bridge and got stranded there for an hour, freezing my butt off across from some porn shops. Due to a bus that didn't show up, I was there an -hour-. It was so cold and I didn't have gloves or a hat. (Voicepost here.) By the time I got on and the bus had me over to Amsterdam, it was 8:10. What the point of even getting off, esp. given that who knows when the next bus would be. The 27 bus has left me stranded at that particular spot on Amsterdam way too many times.

So I just took the bus to the station and went home.

Well, actually I went to -another- party, and -that- was a good thing. My neighbor and friend Susan, who lives over in Caleb's building, has recently moved back into her place, after working a job and living on the west coast for a couple years and meanwhile renting her place out. Now that she's back, she's resumed her previous tradition of holding a "Festivus" party, i.e. the party concept straight out of Seinfeld. I've been to a couple before and they were great but this was the best yet. A -ton- of guests (for the space), a whole hour of "The Airing of the Grievances" and a long, drawn-out "Dirty Santa" gift drawing/swap. I wound up with a bonzai, a little juniper. Meanwhile there was food, a lot of alcohol (Susan put -35- bottle of champagne in recycling this morning!) and a massive amount of good cheer and merriment. I only had one glass but was completely lifted out of my stranded-by-MARTA gloom by the fun I had with all the friends and neighbors.

Today has seen no catastrophes. In the morning the boys and I went over to Star Provisions for breakfast. They were having a special event over at that shopping center and another nearby, so we wandered around a bit looking at stuff. Then we went across town to Monroe Dr., really to go to Trader Joe's but we first went into this new "variety story" next door. OMG, that place is awesome -- like a combo of a five-and-dime, World Market, a German dept. store, Woolworth, and Junkman's Daughter! My favorite thing was the -huge- selection of Playmobil they had. They had as big a selection or bigger than the German dept. stores and even had the Playmobile nativity set and the Deutsche Post (German mail) delivery set. And a Roman galley ship, a Deutsche Bahn set, and more. It was unreal! Their Lego section was awesome too and pretty much the whole toy section was my dream. I have -got- to get back there! But we had to move on, so we went to Trader Joe's and picked up a few things, quickly, then headed back home.

Truthfully, I expected to wind up sleeping all afternoon, but surprisingly I got some things done, like shooting a little video of the cats. Around 3 I went out with my cart to score some pet supplies. I got to North Ave. way before the next bus, so I called Mom and talked for 25 min. Just as I was finished, the bus pulled up. Over at Petsmart, I stocked up on stuff for all the animals, including enough hay to last the guinea pigs a month or even more, cat litter, pig food, bird food, cat food. It was a good thing I had the cart! Afterward I went over Whole Foods and got pizza and a big bottle of hard cider. The MARTA trip home was quick, so I was pretty happy with that trip over all.

The rest of the day flowed right along. I cleaned up the piggies' cage very thoroughly, doing some rearranging and making them very happy with hay. They've been out over a week and had gotten the runs from the lack of fiber. They also like having a clean cage, of course. I picked up the rest of the room. Order! Eventually the boys came over to watch Sci Fi and we watched a not totally sucky, but still rather bad, horror movie, Timber Falls. It was one of those movies whose plot relies on the victims being really stupid and not going home at the first sign of trouble. But no CGI or really cheezy effects, so above average for what Sci Fi airs.

Now I'm getting ready to read before bed. I'm also charging the new electric toothbrush I got in the mail from Amazon. Got a great deal on it and hopefully my teeth will thank me for it.