December 14th, 2008

Thin, Exercise, Serious

Possibly the only Fox News web site worth visiting...

After randomly wondering about Jack Ruby and looking him up on Wikipedia, clicked over to this wicked cool web site run by the Fox News station in Dallas. It's a collection of all their footage leading up to, and including, the JFK assassination and aftermath. So it has the motorcade, Dan Rather reporting the day after, Oswald getting shot, everything. A very interesting peek into not only a historic event but the way TV news and news in general used to work.

JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes

One thing that struck me, after watching 3-4 of these videos, is how except for the mourners across the street from police headquarters, all the people are men, white men, in suits or uniforms. There are no women, no one in what we now call "casual" dress, and nobody who isn't white. Also, there are cigarettes all over the place. This is all perfectly fitting for the time but when you get hit with it, it makes you realize how much things have changed. Not totally (look at Congress) but quite a bit.

Pigs and Cats

Today I was sitting there looking at the guinea pigs, which in term attracted the cats. First it was Harry, who spends a lot of time in that cage looking for food, and then it was Luckie, who sometimes takes hay or grass to eat but this time just wanted to see what was going on. So there I am with four animals in the cage, all of whom were looking around like "OK, now what?" Abbie came up to Luckie, who she's always liked, and Harry kept licking YinYang's head. Finally Luckie got bored and left, at which point Harry decided that he really wanted to pick a fight with YinYang. After a few "C'mon, play!" type paw slaps, he got a whack and was kicked out of the cage. I don't doubt YinYang can defend herself, but he doesn't really need to get bitten by an animal with teeth like that. Also he clearly got the lesson ("I'm sorry!" written on his face). Within 15 seconds he was trotting off to do something else.