December 15th, 2008


Der Kleine Stinker

I think Harry is going through the equivalent of the Terrible Twos. My goodness, he's a handful! Well, more than a handful actually, since you need two hands to pick him up now! Ack!

He doesn't have a clue how big and clumsily powerful he is, so he keeps thrashing the bird cage, tipping things over, and making a mess, like a little tornado.

He's also getting rather strong-willed and vocal, so I now have him marching up to the door demanding (in his silly, whiny Maine Coon girly voice) to go out, jumping on my desk over and over again, getting his nose into trouble.

At least once a day I have to just throw him in another room to get him out of the way so I can work / read / cook / eat without him bothering me / the bird / Luckie.

Ut oh, right now he is pushing my scanner off the file cabinet. Um, OK, not any more, I stopped that. But he is up to something, I'm sure!