December 16th, 2008

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Seeking bright spots

I think I'm coming down with something -- sore throat, phlegmy throat, headache -- but it hasn't hit in full yet, so I'm trudging on like a good soldier for now.

The good news is that today the people at the allergy office turned a corner. The days of abysmal customer/patient service seem to be over. I noticed the change a couple of months ago but it took a while for me to believe it was permanent. Yes, I now go in for my shot and get it (!) and get going, within an hour! Earlier this year, I was facing up to two hours, once a week, in that office, because their patient intake & flow system just didn't work. They'd ignore me in the waiting room for 30 min. regularly, forget about me even when I was waiting outside the shot room for 45 minutes, and even forget to check on the shot sites so I could -leave-. I am a very patient person and overly forgiving, but I was getting -steamed- over that! But there was an office renovation and a renovation in staff and system, it seems, so now I only wait maybe 10 min. in the waiting room and the nurse sees me nearly immediately. Today I got in and out in under an hour. They also got a second allergy nurse, so now I don't have to rely on just one person. And the new nurse is -so- nice. I told her about how much things had improved and she promised to keep up the good work.

OK, so back to web work and trying to ignore my scratching throat.