December 17th, 2008


Writer's Block: Doh!

It's the twentieth anniversary of the first Simpsons episode today. Who is your favorite Simpsons character—Ralph? Sideshow Bob? Ned Flanders? An actual Simpson?

20 years?!?!?

I remember first learning of The Simpsons during my first day of high school in 1989. I was in gym, wearing an incredibly dorky outfit I remember to this day***, and some kid said "Don't have a cow, man." Then the gym teacher had him explain where that was from.

Favorite character? Hmmm. I like Homer and his dad, but I think I really am most amused by guest stars, like Keith Richards and John Waters.

But on to my outfit!

*** It was not my gym outfit (no actual gym the first day), but a first-day-of-school outfit I had worked very hard on: white-and-red Nikes, pink scrunchy socks with rainbow flecks, red shirt (tucked in), purple shorts with a red belt, 3-4 plastic bracelets in red & purple, earrings too I'm sure. Plus red eyeglass frames. I thought this was -so- awesome. dharmagirl, oh, the memories!

Hairy/Harry Situation

Yesterday and today, battling some kind of allergy attack. It's weird since I haven't had any allergy symptoms for months, what with the medication and weekly shots. Even at the height of allergy season, nothing has been bugging me. But now something is definitely getting to me -- runny nose, runny eyes, scratchy throat. Thought it was a cold but it doesn't seem like it. Irritating is what it is!

Tonight I will will toss my sheets and bedding in the wash in case it's that. Maybe they are super dusty or something for some reason?

Also keeping Harry away for the night. I'm thinking it could be something to do with Harry shedding or something. He wasn't shedding 'til recently (kittens don't, for some reason) and now that he is, I wonder if his nappy hair is going up my nose overnight when he sleeps with me. Maine Coons have this very fine, nappy hair that's the long, fluffy part of their fur, and Caleb I know complained that Pugsley fur bothered him. The rest of the fur, the straight stuff on his back, is fine, but the other stuff could be problematic.


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“I'm calling from Allergyland. UGH. My allergies have been so bad today. I'm placing the blame for that on Harry, but I don't have any proof. Nevertheless, about as soon as I got home, finally, and I was delayed by a party, 2 parties, I gave him a bath. Harry did not like the bath. He especially did not like the fact that there was enough water in it that he was sort of swimming. Oh my gosh! So I'm trying to clean him off, I'm washing all my bedding, I sprayed my bed with this actually like anti allergy spray I have which works pretty well but... The antihistamine I'm taking is not fast-acting enough, but I think it's finally making a dent. In the meantime I'm thinking aside from the allergy problem, today he was good. I got a lot of work done, a lot. I got an award. It was a 2 different Christmas parties and I successfully bathed the cat and with out getting scratched, so it was not all bad. I just need to have the antihistamines doing their thing.”

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