December 22nd, 2008

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XMas and My Very First iPod

The boys and I did the XMas gift thing tonight, around Caleb's tree per usual. It was festive, with twinkling lights, cookies, and 1950s Gene Autry XMas music :)

From Caleb I got yet -more- of Grandma Racicot's things -- three dresses and a purse. I didn't know he had any more for me! One of the dresses is made from the same bolt of fabric as another dress he gave me already, so now I have dresses that're like siblings or something. Another dress is bright green, seems like a good Christmas dress. The other is this sort of light brown one with some trim on it that reminds me of an old couch. Daniel says I could wear it in a Christmas pageant. I think it'll look nice.

From Daniel I got an iPod Shuffle, a used one of his, I think, since he has the latest greatest. Despite the fact I use iTunes every day and produce podcasts, I've never had/used/touched an iPod before. Right now I've put loaded it with all the music marchenland gave me, so when it shuffles it's at least all the same genre. I really wouldn't want to mix, say, Bjork, Fiamma Fumana, Chopin and random podcasts. I only got the iPod, not any earbuds or anything, so for now I've plugged it into the headphones from my digital piano. I have some surplus headphones at work I'll grab tomorrow for it. Re using it, I really don't care for listening to music on the go, but it's nice to have in times of need, like stuck in the airport, annoying yapping person on the bus, exercise, etc. So I know I'll be using it.

The boys liked what I got them, I think. For Daniel I got creative -- made him a lap quilt and a shopping bag (made solely from 6-pack holders and twine). I made both of them CDs with all my photos of them, together and separate. Awww. There were a bunch of other things, too, but the important thing is, yay, XMas!