December 25th, 2008

Yellow Wendy

From Sturbridge

At my parents in Sturbridge. We do all the XMas stuff Friday night so today is a do-nothing day. Except for going to my sister Betty's for dinner later. I'm tired from lack of sleep this week and the thermostat being too high.

Everybody seemed to like the presents I gave out, esp. the Pete Seeger albums (I burned 2 albums for each siblings, plus Mom & Dad). I got a nice book, something like How to Do Makeup for Idiots, and just glancing at it, I have already learned something. For example, I never knew you're supposed to line you eyes inside your eyelashes, not outside. Ha. That's why I asked for a book -- trying to see if I can be a little more refined than my regular glam clown look.

More to say, too sleep at the moment, so... later!