December 30th, 2008


Anchor with Wits

Alternet put is spotlighting this awesome exchange on MSNBC, three people discussing "Barack the Magic Negro" -- underlines mine.


HALL: Well let me tell you this — if someone referred to me as "Tamron Hall the Magic Negro Anchor Lady," I would never see it as anything funny or amusing. I do agree with you, there is a way to parody things that might be, you know –

OBENSHAIN: On a radio show, on a radio show, not for the candidate for the republican national committee chair. I agree with you completely it was foolish for somebody who needs to be reaching out to African Americans, to women to individuals from all backgrounds.

HALL: Yeah, you're not going to win a lot of people over calling them magic negros.

OBENSHAIN: It was a foolish thing to do.

SIMMONS: Judging by the election that we had this past November, I think there are also probably a lot of non African-Americans who wouldn't find this to be an appropriate song.

OBENSNAIN: It's not appropriate to send out.

HALL: Ok Kate, I think that's the best note to end it this on because I don't want anyone to think that you are defending it.

OBENSHAIN: I'm defending Rush Limbaugh.

HALL: Kate, Jamal and Tamron and Jamal, we all agree that the magic negro song is just not right.


Snapped this pic on Saturday. Actually this is a crop from a larger pic showing some of the grandkids doing Wii, but Mom came out so well I had to share.

Wendy's Awesome Mom

Yeah, and that's the 72-and-no-gray hair I've mentioned. For reals!
Yellow Wendy

25 Things

Ganked from Facebook...

Okay folks, here's a meme thingie some of you may already be familiar with.

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

However, I'm bending the rules somewhat, I'm not tagging anyone in particular, take part if you like, I'd love to hear 25 things about you all to get to know you better. But don't feel compelled to do so, okay? :)

25 Things

1. I can play music on my teeth, xylophone style.
2. I don't drive (and have been profiled by local Atlanta papers for such).
3. I've been on panels at Dragon*Con, Lunacon, Feencon, Grissecon, and Gaylaxicon.
4. I once got drunk with Storm Constantine, Lynn Flewelling and Jacqueline Carey. At the same time.
5. Under the influence of alcohol, (gay) author Ricardo Pinto told me loves me very much.
6. Personal friends with Storm Constantine.
7. Certified Reiki Master, trained by Storm Constantine.
8. Have edited around 10 Storm Constantine books.
9. Co-wrote a novel based on Storm Constantine's Wraeththu books, subsequently published.
10. I own around 30 black and/or black and white short sleeve tops.
11. I own at least a dozen black skirts, of various lengths.
12. Call myself a "polyester goth" b/c while I dress goth, I also wear 60s mod and cheesy 70s clothes.
13. I dye my hair around 4 times a year.
14. Went to college at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
15. Majored in Journalism.
16. Have read Harry Potter and Earthsea series in German.
17. Led a panel discussion about Wraeththu and gender in German (at Feencon).
18. One of my ancestors "bought" western Long Island and Westchester County from the Indians.
19. I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts.
20. Everywhere I've lived starts with A: Andover, Amherst, Athens, Atlanta.
21. First started creating web sites in UNIX, in around 1995.
22. Run half a dozen Storm Constantine / Wraeththu related web sites.
23. My top 4 top news sources are,,, and NPR (radio + web).
24. I have a perfect rating on eBay (as seller and buyer).
25. I have only been on about 10 dates and have never been in a relationship.