January 1st, 2010

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NYE @ Studio 54

After another fabulous New Year's Eve at Kessler's -- this year hosted by Robyn & Stuart, with a Studio 54 theme -- thought I'd post some photos.

As I set out, wearing Grandma Racicot's leisure suit

Black light and swirly colors...

Enjoying a "Lava Lamp" cocktail, neighbor Deb leaning on me

Showing off my suit with friends Steve & Neil

Taken as I stumbled down the stairs after countdown on the rooftop.

I'll be the first to admit I had too much to drink last night, but then, given that I wasn't going to be driving and it wasn't like I was at a frat party, I was pretty safe. Had 4-5 "Lava Lamp" cocktails (champagne + jello shot bits), 2 cherry lambics, 1 red wine, 1 ouzo, 1 champagne. None of it spilled on my suit though!

Cross-species love

I love when different species play nice. My own animals are a case in point - bird & cats, cats & guinea pig. So this video makes me say AWWWWWW.

Also note that this pit bull is online in dozens of videos and is incredibly sweet. It irritates me no end that people think pit bulls are all dangerous, snarling beasts who eat children.