January 2nd, 2010


Attack of the Repo Men

Poking around in my Bookmarks, came across this "story," told in email, that epitomizes the paranoia and technical misunderstandings some people have, which then lead them to instigate drama and make fools of themselves. I've been in situations like this myself, with people insisting on something using as their frame of reference something technically erroneous or downright stupid. Talk all you want, you can't end the argument.

Anyway, here's the link. Tech support / hackers / programmer will enjoy this the most, probably!

Attack of the Repo Men
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I am... The Cat Whisperer

I love that I can use "Dog Whisperer" discipline and training tools on my cats, especially Harry.

I first tried some tricks out on Luckie a couple of years ago, like "claiming my space" to keep her out of the bathroom without me having to close the door. All I needed to do was look at her the second she crossed the threshold and she would stop and just sit down. That was it!

With Harry I've used a lot more tricks because he is much more apt to do things I don't want him to, like jump on things he shouldn't, chew on things he shouldn't, attack Luckie when she's sleeping, etc. He responds very well to all the "dog" tricks Cesar Millan talks about. One chief point is that just like with dogs, the trick is to stop him before he does the "bad" thing, rather than letting him do it and then punishing. Punishment doesn't do much except instill jumpiness, IMO.

I think the most successful experiment I've had has been in keeping him away from Luckie's food during feeding time. Once a week I give them wet food, splitting a can or pouch and giving each an equal amount. It used to be that Harry would wolf down his portion and immediately push Luckie out of the way and take hers. Luckie came to expect this and would only take a couple of bites before walking away from the food in advance. She just gave up the idea of getting the "good stuff." But then I starting thwarting Harry, giving him a "look" and sort of tsk'ing at him when he was about to go towards Luckie's food. He got it -right- away. He would just sit down and watch Luckie eat. Now, after I've done this training with him for some weeks, I don't even have to tell him usually - he finishes his meal and just walks away and lies down in the corner. Luckie meanwhile gets to enjoy her food in peace.

I've read that Maine Coons are easily trained and yeah, I must agree. I also agree with the general assessment that they are very "dog-like." Harry is -such- a dog, it's like having a dog who uses a litter box and hates leashes. I wonder what Cesar Millan would say!