January 4th, 2010

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A few things...

My brain seems to be awash in flotsam and jetsam...

Given how many times I've bitched about Atlantans being wusses when it comes to cold weather, I'd like to officially put my pretentious Yankee stamp of approval on the pretend-it-exists certificate declaring that it's FRIGGIN' COLD OUT at the moment. Supposed to get colder even, which would be impressive since it seems like it's down to that cold-as-it-ever-gets-here temp. right now. Perhaps increased wind is expected. And speaking of, hearing whispers of snow!

My Christmas presents this year: 1) Morrissey's new Swords double-album (B-side singles and live concert) from Mom, 2) necklace and earrings from Carolyn, 3) Moosewood cookbook from Betty, 4) licorice and one-month loan forgiveness from Caleb, 5) 2 antique books & candy from Tom, and several cool (mostly edible) presents from co-workers. Also some nice cards. I really like those picture cards people send, esp. my friend Lea's -- she always sends cards of her two Westies.

Doctor Appts.
This week is going to be the week of scheduling doctor appts. Today I finally called the psychotherapy program my depression-monitoring doc. recommended. I was supposed to do this in Oct. already but kept putting it off...funny since that very issue is one reason I want to go to a CBT doc! Next up I want to find an orthopedic specialist to talk to about my feet, which have long been pigeon-toed / caved in but are getting worse. My knees are now suffering. Talked to my sister Carolyn over XMas and she said it's something to do with the weird hip deformity we Darling girls have. Our whole bone and muscle structure is slightly twisted started at the hip. Fortunately orthodic inserts can probably take care of the problem. Then, I'm calling up Emory Bariatrics to see what they might be able to do for me as far as constructing a medically monitored diet plan. I know I always do much better when I'm "reporting" to someone on a project rather than just doing it on my own. Oh, and FUN, I'm getting my last silver filling taken out and replaced a week or so. I really, really don't need to be spending money right now but I've put off the work four years so I had to.

And now I have to get up b/c my feet are SO cold. Think I may have to sleep on the living room couch tonight, given how cold it is in the bedroom. Having your bed between two huge single-pane glass windows doens't really work when it's below freezing. The main room seems to get all the central heat anyway.