January 8th, 2010



We had 1/4 in. of snow yesterday afternoon and overnight.

Everything is either closed or delayed. Actually some schools were cancelled yesterday already but today most all are. Many museums, government offices and businesses are closed. I tried going to one of my fav Decatur restaurants last night after work but it was closed. So I went to the Thai place next door :)

The university has delayed opening 'til 11, however, so at least I can hang out at home for a couple of hours. A manager in my office told me she was coming in but many were working at home and I could to... but I don't think I will b/c my work computer is so much better. Also: The idea of staying home for this when MARTA is working is abhorrent to me. I understand people with long commutes or who have to go on highways, but me?

Now the one thing I will allow is that the roads -are- dangerous even with this beyond-wussy amount of snow. Early this morning there was a 30-car chain-reaction pile-up on a highway ramp. Temps have fallen way down and melting snow turned to ice, which people are reporting is pretty bad on surface roads. (Especially, I will add, if you're like many drivers here and somehow don't understand that you have to slow the hell down. No, you can't do 45, you have to do like 10.)

Anyway, that's the Snowpocalypse.

UPDATE: The University called it so I wrote contact at work and asked what to do. She said don't bother coming in. Working at home. I can do most work things from anywhere in the world -- it's all web-based -- so that's fine.