January 10th, 2010



Been a weird couple of days...

First off, Thursday it... well, I don't want to dignify the event by using the word "snow" but I will say white stuff fell from the sky. It was also cold and windy. General panic took hold and a bunch of people left work early. I stayed late and went straight to fav burrito place in Decatur, only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed due to the "Blizzard of 2009." Ha! So I went to the nice Thai place a couple of doors over. It has zero atmosphere but really good food.

Friday I woke up and first thing I did was check out the window, where yes, there was a bit of white stuff and ice on the sidewalk, street and roofs. So I checked with work and sure enough there was a delayed opening. I felt that giddy feeling I used to get growing up in snowy Massachusetts and hearing the magic words "Andover" come up on the closings list*.

Deciding this gave me time to get some contract work done, I go up, dressed and waited 'til 11 to go in. But then Emory announced it would be closed all day! Got in touch with a manager and she said not to bother to come in, although she and a few others were in already. So I worked from home. Spent most of the afternoon cleaning up my insanely overrun work inbox, which had something like 1,600 messages in it.

Meanwhile the whole city was paralyzed because as it turns out, the snow wasn't bad but the ice was, especially when you only have half a dozen sand trucks. Seems snow melted and then froze overnight, creating lots of black ice. There was a 30-car pile-up on a highway ramp, accidents all over town, bridges icing over. All schools closed, many museums and gov't offices closed, lot of businesses, too, I imagine... although I didn't go outside even once so I don't know. I stayed in with the cats all day, looking out the window and thinking it looked awfully damn cold out! (With the wind it was supposed to be like 0 out.)

Today I slept late, had a good breakfast, caught some documentary TV and decided to GET OUT finally. Got all bundled up only to find it wasn't as arctic cold as I expected, but whoah, Atlanta looks the most "wintry" I've even seen it. I don't mean snow either, because I've seen that here -- I mean the "wintry" look you get from loads of de-icer, salt and gravel going on everything. That white-powder-grit look that's oh so familiar to anybody in a place like Boston or New York or Chicago. Don't think I've ever seen that look in Atlanta before! I found it very comforting :)

So I went grocery shopping, getting food for what should be the next couple of weeks. Buying food helps me hugely in keeping to my diet. It's when I don't buy food that I eat badly, either going out to eat or making up "creative" dishes at home that I shouldn't be eating. I'll be having some really nice meals this week, I think!

After that things got a little weird. I tried out a new beer I got last week and it was good but I felt really tired afterward and had a short nap. I woke up, ready to go to a birthday party I was invited to, but OH! did I have a headache. Not sure it was an insta-hangover or what, but I felt so crappy I had to delay going out. Headache, nausea, and just not-rightness. Unfortunately even after some coffee, food, water, I didn't feel better so I had to bail on the party.

The good news is that after curling up on the couch, coddled in blankets with Harry at my feet, I remembered that TCM's featured 8 o'clock movie was Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. I'd really wanted to see that but was going to miss it for the party. So I finally got to see that. Great stuff! By 9 I was feeling better. After that Flying Down to Rio, the first Astaire-Roger movie, was on, and I watched that too. New low in implausible Hollywood musical scenes: the whole girls-dancing-on-flying-biplanes bit. OMFG!

Now it's way after midnight and for some reason I'm feeling quite awake and alert. TCM is airing an early 50s Ricardo Montalban movie, The Latin Lover. I think I may check in on that for a bit and then do crosswords until my eyes cross :)

* Funny, I now remember how half the time we'd miss the mention because Andover was near the front of the lists. Then we'd have to stay listening/watching until they announced closing again and then be sure to see the beginning. Suspenseful days, before the Internet!

De-hairing Harry

Just brushed Harry. Boy, does he HATE that.

I have to basically wrestle him and pin him down, immobilizing either front or back legs, to do it. I used a comb today, which worked well because it's quicker than the de-matter, even though the de-matter gets the deeper tangles. I got about 6 giant handfuls fur off of him and could've gotten more but I figured that was enough. Harry -has- gotten better about it, I will say. He didn't bite me today and his "hiding" afterward (he always runs and hides in the hidey-box after) didn't last long. He holds no grudges either.

But wow, that was a lot of fur. It's funny because he doesn't shed like Luckie does - fur doesn't just drop off -- but loses it when you go pull it off. It comes off in big hunks of this cobweb-fine stuff. I think it's his double-undercoat that falls out and then just stays buried under the topcoat so it has to be dug out. Harry can't manage to get it out, it's just too much for him. He does try some, because he gets hairballs occasionally and I see him struggling, but poor baby needs at least once-weekly wrestling-cum-brushing.

Meanwhile now he's crashed out in the cat bed. He probably feels better with all that dead fur out, even though he hates me doing it :)

Luckie, by contrast, gets brushed, combed and de-matted multiple times a day because she loves it so much that I indulge her. I swear, she can be two rooms away and pissed off but if I hold up a brush she comes running and throws herself on the floor. What amazes me is that fur even comes off her given how much brushing she gets. She's not bald, though, so I guess it's OK.

Misc Pics - Cats, Hiding Rodent, Me

Despite it's awesomeness, my new phone doesn't let me share pics to LJ like the old one, so now I mostly post phone pics to Facebook and sometimes Twitter. But I still want them here, so here I go, manually posting a few :) Click for larger images.

Puss and Shoes

Harry wuvs his mommi

Harry's stare

Buddies on the sofa

Enjoying the "snow day" Friday

Luckie sunbathing

YinYang in hiding

Happy New Year's!

A weeeee bit intoxicated on New Year's Eve*

On the way home from grocery
shopping yesterday

* Yes, Martina, think "Thor's Hammer" + Maria's wine drunk :)