January 15th, 2010

Smiley Dorothy

5 for Friday

After a long absence, it's thefridayfive !

If you had a jar of peanut butter, what would you do with it?
To quote versailles_rose : Stick my finger in it and have some!

If you were to be cremated, where would you want your ashes to go and why?
I'd want Caleb to have the ashes and use them in some plants in his garden. I know they will be well cared for.

If you could invent a flavor of jelly beans, what would it be?

What would your perfect paradise be like?
Apt. or townhouse in some nice German city with little window garden, debts paid, and limitless Eis and licorice.

If you could fly, where would you go?
Over the rainbow, of course!
sideview, obamame_sideview

For thespian...

Ganked from versailles_rose, who says:

This is funny. REALLY funny. Outtakes from 'Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas'. Jim Henson and Frank Oz get punchy after 200+ takes.

My fav part is hearing Frank Oz and thinking "Yoda!" (He probably was Yoda's voice, right?)