January 17th, 2010

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Glimpse at my new creative project

OK, so as usual my brain has come up with a nutty idea but one it's not going to let go. This time I want to take this amazing antique travelogue I just read -- Views A-Foot, from the 1840s -- and digitize it. I want to put the whole thing into Google Maps and also enter a lot of the content into a blog to share the super interesting descriptions and comments about places and peoples in 1840s Europe.

Here's the start of the map. This covers I guess around a month of the trip, which lasted 1 3/4 years and runs from the British Isles to Germany to Czech Republic to Austria to Switzerland to Italy to France.

Trip so far -- New York to British Isles to Cologne

Right now I'm entering the places in pretty raw but later I will go in a add notes to all the stops, revise the travel routes, etc. A lot of the author's travels were on foot so I don't even attempt to figure out the exact route. Other trips are on steamboat or early railroads.

Doing a little a day and seeing where it gets me.


Started the blog with one post and some links: http://viewsafoot.wordpress.com. Meanwhile relieved to find the book is already completely digitized and available online via Project Gutenberg and a couple other sources, so I won't have to scan or type any of it. Yay!