January 18th, 2010

harry upside down, harry4

Hapless Harry

Just rescued Harry from the washer-dryer closet. That cat!

I left the door open by mistake (I should know better!) and Luckie went over there and, like she has before, jumped down. The washer and dryer are stacked and fit neatly inside the closet, which is tall and square. There's space on the sides, but the spaces don't have access to the door -- so if you get down there, you have to be able to get -up- again. Luckie is a great jumper and pops up again like a rabbit. Harry... not so much.

I'd heard some sounds of cat claws flailing at something and some crying, but I just assumed he was pouncing on shadows on the wall or (don't ask) attacking the shower stall again. Finally, however, it clicked. I get up and look and Luckie pops out of the (open) washer, looking surprised and guilty.

I shoo her off and then look for Harry. He's a dark cat and it was shadowly down in the depths of the closet but yeah, I spot him, looking pathetic and covered in dust-bunnies. My rescue method? Contorted myself into the closet, half upside-down, then hauled him out by the scruff of his neck. He's way too heavy for that but it was the best way. No way could he hop out. He is NOT a jumper!

Meanwhile, to make up for this potentially boring story, here are two pics from earlier today, involving the Hapless One:

Typical, typical Harry. Even in winter he loves to lie like this.

The creature is half-Muppet.

Harry is still growing back fur from the flypaper incident, BTW.

EDIT: OMG, he did it again. OK, actually to be fair, he didn't do it, I did... but when I put Harry into my net hamper to see if he could get out, he coudln't, although clearly he -could-. He also tried chasing balls through the mesh. I got him to get on his hind legs but the idea of jumping or climbing out? Not occured to him. I gotta make a movie of this...