January 25th, 2010


Holy Prophetic Dream, Batman!

I was just going through my LJ from around 3 years ago and found this dream:

I had bought some cat toys for Luckie and got hold of some live mice as well. Well, I was giving Luckie one of the toys when I noticed it was squirming, but it had no battery so... I opened it up and remembered I'd put a little kitten in there. I had forgotten about it but it was fine. Anyway, it was this really cute boy tabby cat with huge ears and a darker pattern than Luckie. So in the dream I start thinking "Oh, man, how am going to get rid of this kitten... Luckie will kill it!" But that thought only lasted a few moments, because the kitten was soooo cute and when Luckie saw it, she wasn't upset by it. She and the kitten started playing, and whenever she'd go to hide under a piece of furniture, he'd chase after her, wrestle with her, and she'd come out again. But there was no fighting, just playing. Ah, well, nice dream!

Don't believe me? Look! http://wiebke.livejournal.com/1767745.html