January 31st, 2010

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Writer's Block: Random acts

What was your last random act of kindness? Do you believe in karma?

I'm sure this wasn't my -last- random act of kindness, but one I remember from a couple of years ago:

I was leaving my place, headed out somewhere when it started to rain, then POUR. It was end-of-the-day commute time and a commuter bus on Forsyth St. was picking up passengers, including this guy in a wheelchair. Now the driver was there outside the bus struggling with the lift and meanwhile this guy in the chair is getting soaked. I was walking by and just stopped. I'm like "Hey, whoah, hold on, here's my umbrella." Then I let him use it and stepped back under the overhang of a building for five minutes, 'til the guy finally was up in the bus. He thanked me profusely and the next couple of times I saw him in the neighborhood, on dry days, he smiled at me.

Re karma, I don't know, but I do know that kindness is something I was taught from day one, from my parents and the church in which I was raised. (Unlike some churches, the focus at mine was making the world a better place.) Think to yourself, what would I hope someone would do for me? I think it all comes around again. Even if it doesn't, why be an *sshole when there are clearly way too many *ssholes in this world already?
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And now for some vintage Camp

Watching Blue Skies (1946, MGM) for a second time while I clean and AGAIN am totally perplexed by this super, duper gay scene plopped into the middle of it. Supposedly it's a night club act with Billy De Wolfe* playing a lady at a night club, celebrating her 18th wedding anniversary. But, um... Billy De Wolfe is a man and he's wearing a suit but he's also wearing a lady's hat, holding a purse and acting gayer than gay. Just search YouTube for some clip of this but can't find it. The skit is like 10 minutes long and unlike the rest of the movie, it's not a musical, not an Irving Berlin thing, it's just this, well, very gay skit plopped into the middle. Not that I'm complaining but I gotta wonder how this happened.

* Wikipedia: Very good friends with Doris Day and "known for his portrayal of fussy, petty men." Other sources (re queers in film, gay actors, etc.) speculate that like several other Hollywood character actors of the era, he was actually gay but officially straight and just playing "effeminate" roles, which was a niche of the time.