February 12th, 2010


White Stuff

Just like 80% of the country, Atlanta now has snow!

Started around 1:30, Emory announced 3 p.m. closure. I left around 2:30 but unfortunately breakdown at N. Decatur / Clairmont blocked up traffic something terrible and the normally speedy shuttle commute to Decatur got stuck in it. Took me 1 1/4 hr. to get home.

Currently flakes coming down at a steady clip and here in Downtown, just barely starting to stick to the sidewalks. Supposed to get cold tonight, potential for more accumulation (2-3 in.) and ice.

Currently Harry and Luckie are on the window sill completely transfixed with the snowflakes. Harry is smashing himself against the glass. Man, I need a camera, this is too funny...