February 15th, 2010

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“Well this weekend has freaking very strange. I god some kind of cold it's tired out like at the sore throat and like decongested chest that I thought I will talking all weekend but if good if this like my head hurts and I'm really tired and cough a little bit so basically I just been sleeping most of the weekend which is really strange cos if you start sleeping a lot and just slightly sick like I had slight fever you really, really weird dreams and it's really hard to either remember what happened why you are awake cos it's taken to small portion of go on done I want some ___ I know it works ___ and help clean at your house and from medicines shows but in between that I was just like taking naps like 2 hours 4 hours back and then I was get up and see a little and watch a little TV and try to do something but every time I try to do anything like even play a I game on my phone or just go on the internet I just feel really bad for sitting up or might like range and stuff like pride. Anyways I still go on a little better like more awake and how I was I was staying up I mean cos god knows like I slept enough this weekend I've been I think I slept like 3 hours this weekend it's something crazy but whatever I don't believe what's going on I suppose to work at home tomorrow if I can actually work call work cos it's ___ have to say I'm sick at home it's does look at home.”

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And now some overdue snapshots of Harry Monster. He will be 2 yrs. old in May.

I try to brush him, I really do, but...

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I think he's still growing :>o

Meanwhile today he did another dog thing -- caught him eating a dirty paper towel.