February 16th, 2010

Happy Wen


Well, managed to get a cold but leave it to me, it fell during a weekend and on the Monday I was recovering but not all better, I was already set to be working at home. Slept many, many hours this weekend. My Sunday was something like: Slept 11:30 to 9, slept again 11-2, slept again 4:30-8. Last night I had trouble sleeping, probably because I just wasn't tired. Meanwhile I have like 25 days accrued sick leave. Saving that for when I want my cyborg hand or cybernetic auxiliary harddrive installed.

New Stuff on DA

Got intrigued with the idea of adding stock textures to photos and using layer effects. I had no idea how easy it is to do cool stuff that way, without even using any major filters. Here are three I did the last couple days using the bird photos of someone I follow and stock images.

Dark Dove by =wiebkefesch on deviantART

Starling Enmeshed by =wiebkefesch on deviantART

Petrified Nature by =wiebkefesch on deviantART
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