February 24th, 2010


Video Experience + Geeky Love of Science = My Job

This is the kind of video I regularly make for work. In fact, I made this for work yesterday. Think it'll go viral? :)

I've also produced videos on these interesting but rather technical topics:

genetics of autism
brain imaging and teenage decision-making
H1N1 vaccine trials
genetics of schizophrenia
treatment resistant epilepsy
depression's relationship to heart disease in women
progesterone for traumatic brain injury
nanotechnology for cancer surgery
women and heart attacks
immunology and teen transplant recipients
ethics of genetic testing
stress and infertility
glycans (this hurt my head)

So basically I think you could get CME credit for watching this stuff.

Almost all these videos were shot, rehearsed, etc. by a coworker, who then gives me the raw footage with sometimes some notes. But often I just listen to the researcher and piece together what they're saying into a bunch of videos.