March 1st, 2010


Cat Stories

As I wait for a pile of huge files to download, some notes on my kitties.

Luckie and Harry are so entertaining. They're never boring and each of them has such a huge personality. And both of them are kind of weird, although maybe all cats are weird. Or maybe they're weird because they live with me?

Anyway, a string of random cat notes here:

1) Luckie has this this where she runs up to me, when I'm sitting on the couch, and will start chewing my hair. I -think- she's grooming me but I'm not sure. Oddly, tonight she seemed to do it on cue. I was watching TV and there was a show with one of those Mexican guys with "werewolf" disease. The narrator talks about how he has to "groom" his face and they show him combing his face -- and Luckie starts in on my hair.

2) Harry was distracting me here at my desk, jumping in and out of his cat bed, seemingly really restless. So I opened my desk drawer and found a bag with some unused pompoms in it. I showed him a blue one and he starts chattering like he's seen  bird. I give it to him and he runs off to play. Been gone 20 min. now.

3) My cats rearrange my stuff. For example, I continue to wake up or come home to find my living room rug shifted 3-4 (or more) feet over, due to overnight cat-chase-cat action.

4) Luckie is very talkative and makes super cute sound effects. In the morning and when I come home at night, she goes on and on. We have whole conversations, where she says something and I talk back and then she says something back. Here's a made-up but representative conversation.

W - Hi, Luckie! What do you want!
L - Eee eee!
W - Eee ee?
L - Eeee eeee eeee meow!
W - Rrow rrow?
L - Rrow! Rrow! Eeeee eee eee!

For sound effects she makes a kind of trilling / whirring noise when she's excited or running or jumping. Makes her sound like a wind-up toy. Wrrrrrrrrrup!

And Luckie so so so so knows her name.

5) Harry doesn't talk nearly as much as Luckie and doesn't "converse" with me either. However, when he does talk, it's quite loud and plaintive. He definitely cries when he sees me getting food or him. He gets rather hysterical. He also will do this thing where he walks around the living room in the dark talking to himself, sounding confused or something. I think it must be some kind of shadow or reflection b/c that's one thing that makes him "talk."

6) Harry has freak-outs over any kind of shadow, reflection or night and either meows or makes that gonna-catch-a-bird chattering sound. Then he of course pounces on whatever it is. Throws his whole body against the wall, for examples. Or attacks my boob where my mobile is shining on my shirt. Or spend 20 minutes pouncing on the shadow of the bird in her birdcage. He's pretty obsessed really and I'd probably worry about it more but it's really cute.

7) Schadenfreude Theater. When Harry is being stupid, Luckie frequently watches, looking on with what I almost swear is amusement.