March 11th, 2010

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Wendy presents...

Because I know you're all dying to hear me present a case study of moving a web site to a content management system, I bring you:

Time Well Spent: Planning a Redesign

I knew this video was going to go online at the time I made this presentation (at the Cascade Users Conference back in Sept.) but I kind of forgot to go check.
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Another zebra update

The zebra that escaped the circus and ran amok through my neighborhood and onto the highway has been euthanized. Its hooves were badly damaged from running on pavement for a couple of hours. The zebra was brought out to Athens where they have a big vet school but treatment was unsuccessful.

I've never been to a circus. I kind of wonder what they do with a zebra. This one was in some sort of act. I would guess that given how zebras are rather jumpy to begin with (so I've heard), circus life must be pretty stressful. Not sure they really belong.