March 29th, 2010

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Not Dead!

Not dead, folks... Just cryogenically frozen?

Anyway, drift off LJ for a week or so, for various reasons. None of them particularly malign.

For example, the pull of DeviantART has been great, so lately in moments when I once would have been posting here I'm throwing up artwork or processing photos and whatnot. This past weekend I cracked 1000 deviations, which is nuts since I only started in December. So I've been busssssy there!

Life-wise, got a whole lot going on... Let's see...

Therapy going well, with cognitive behavioral therapy helping me to successfully tackle things like answering the phone, getting client project done and resolving financial issues. Having someone forcing me to face stuff sensibly has been great!

In other health news, I happy to say I've finally figured out what's wrong with my legs. My feet have been pigeon-toed forever and getting worse, affecting my knees, etc. So I went in to an orthopedist, the kind you go to if you think you'd benefit from orthodotics, and I learned something I didn't know: My right leg is a whole inch longer than my left. So I'm always walking with my right foot belt over sideways so my leg will be the right length. I also have ultra high arches which force me to walk on the far inside of my feet. All of this will hopefully be corrected by some orthodotics, which I'm picking up this week -- and which, yay, are covered by my insurance.

Thre's so much else I guess I should catch up on but where to start? Um... Oh, I went out for a day with my friend David, who I had SOOOO much fun with about 2 yrs. ago but who started up a restaurant and got too busy to meet up with me ever. He is still wonderful :) And let's see, going up to Massachusetts in a couple weeks to attend dharmagirl's wedding and then visit my parents.

On the negative side of things, I'll note that despite two operations in recent months, my dad's legs are still kaputt. He has very poor circulation and because of this, and associated pain, has great trouble walking. He has to use his wheelchair more and more. Mom is finally getting a ramp put in out front because even the three steps to the front door are too tricky and tiring for him. Another ick! piece of news is my main credit card just jacked its rate to 30%, which is woe unto me if I don't pay on time... But I should add there's good news, which is I'm seeing about working out something to fix my overall debt situation. More details on that later, assuming it pans out.

I know there are so many other things, but for now let's hope I just pick up from here and keep updating like the inveterate LJ'er I am. I will reach 10,000 LJ posts soon!